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Tranquili-Tea - 14 Day Supply

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The blend saving countless lives - our newest blend: Tranquili-Tea was formulated to work at the root cause of Anxiety(& Depression):

  • Feel Normal Again: Enjoy peace and quiet inside your mind with every cup, melting away even the most severe mental and physical symptoms.

  • Gentle and Safe: Our special blend of organic/wildcrafted herbs soothes anxiety without any harsh side effects, helping you feel great in a natural way.

  • Pregnancy-Safe: This blend is formulated to be safe to drink while pregnant! This is our "pregnancy safe" version of Anxiety-Free Tea.
  • Works with Your Medication: You can drink our tea even if you're taking anxiety medicine. Just check with your doctor first.

  • Quick Relief: Start feeling relief as soon as your first cup! Results may vary, however - some customers start feeling better after the first cup while others may take a few weeks. See real reviews below.


  • Questions? Send us an email at support@cerebralteas.com


Our herbal blend comes fresh, in loose form and includes:  

  • Skullcap
  • Linden 
  • Lavender
  • Nettle 
  • Elderberry


  1. Bring 2 cups of Spring water to a boil
  2. Turn heat to low
  3. Scoop ONE teaspoon of tea into the pot
  4. Cover the pot
  5. Steep for 20 minutes
  6. ENJOY TWICE PER DAY! (Strain if you didn't use a teabag)

 This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We do not claim to have a cure for any disease. The information on this website is opinion based and for informational purposes only. Consult with a licensed healthcare professional before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Carla Navarro
Works great

I drink this tea and the whole day I feel like at peace. I can’t wait to try the original one to see if I feel a difference, but I have 5 months to go.

Not like the original

Sadly this did not work for me at all. The original anxiety free tea worked great. I thought I just needed to give it more time, but even after a month+ my attacks are continuing daily and my anxiety is nonstop. I ordered many, many bags in hopes this would work just as well as the original, but the change in herbs obviously does not work with my body. I want so badly to be able to go back to drinking the original, but I basically have 5 more months before I’m due and I am struggling. I truly hope it works for others, but for me this did not.💔

Truly works

First off let me start by saying I NEVER write reviews but I have to on this one. This tea works it truly does! I suffer from ptsd for four years bow and recently had a baby and ny anxiety just sky rocketed terribly. I was desperately looking for something because my anxiety was affecting my whole life. I still feel at times but not how it was at all. I feel like when im about to lose it, I can control it now! I dont take any medication just the tea because I breastfeed and i just never liked how I felt when I was on medication. I feel like im coming back, that person I lost years ago and thought I wasn’t going to see ever again.

Yes to the bitterness!

Clearly you guys have done your research because this tea is bitterrrr lol. But as we know bitter herbs heal and this is pure medicine. Thankful for all you do. Will be purchasing again.

Wish I found it sooner!

The company got me by saying it eliminates at the root! It doesn’t just hide the symptoms of anxiety. I love being able to reassure myself during the day that the tea is making me healthy. It smells like Mexican candy to me. It doesn’t taste bad, I do add raw honey. It tastes like tea. About ten minutes after drinking I feel a huge wave of calm around me. My thoughts don’t race, I just feel relaxed. I slept so hard my first night I guess I didn’t realize how tense I am. I had a few moments where I thought for sure I was going to panic and I waited like ok here we go, nothing happened. I was 100% calm I was able to focus on what I was doing. I’m 4 days in, I wish I had found this 14 years ago. I do get pretty bad panic attacks just before my period usually 5-6 which leave me exhausted and feeling sick. I had one tiny one that was maybe my heart beat slightly picking up for like 10 seconds and then it was gone and I went about my day! I’m excited to see how I continue to heal! This tea is amazing!