About Us

Cerebral Teas is a U.S. based company whose mission is to help as many people as possible overcome Anxiety disorder, Depression, ADHD and more. CEO and Founder, Pedestra Reeves, started the company in 2019 with her husband after years of dedicated study and research on the topic of everything Anxiety-related.

In 2009, Pedestra woke up unaware that later that day, she would suffer her very first panic attack at the precious age of 21. After rushing to the hospital and imagining the worst, she was sent home and told that 'everything was fine'. Several ER visits later, Pedestra was eventually diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and her worst days were still ahead of her. 

Having true hands-on experience with how devastating the illness can be, Pedestra developed a passion for studying the ins and outs of the brain and everything to do with Anxiety Disorder. Her and her husband, co-founder Arron Reeves, set out on a mission to solve the puzzle of Anxiety. Refusing to accept rumors that Anxiety was an 'incurable' illness, they worked tirelessly around the clock, researching everything available, slowly putting together a specific regimen that would be responsible for Pedestra's future freedom from Anxiety.

After successfully reversing her own Anxiety Disorder, Pedestra set out with a vision to help millions accomplish the same. Starting the company from her home in Atlanta, GA in 2019, her efforts to provide the world with a quick and easy go-to tea cleanse with ALL NATURAL herbs that specifically target Anxiety/Depression gained traction in May 2020 and now Cerebral Teas is proud to help thousands of people around the world start their journey from suffering toward healing. 

NEED HELP? Send us an email to support@cerebralteas.com and we'll respond within 1 - 3 business days!