Medicine Vs Herbs: What's Best For Anxiety Disorder?

The Elephant In The Room

The majority of Americans have come accustomed to turning to pills to help fix common health problems. Headache? Grab some Tylenol. Stomach issues? Pick up some Pepto Bismol. Anxiety? Try some of this Ativan! 

For most, running to the pharmacy isn't as much of a choice as it is a subconscious assumption that you're doing the right thing. But how effective is medicine in alleviating symptoms and/or reversing illness?

Are the potential side effects of medicine worth the risk of seeing some progress regarding your most troubling symptoms? What about natural healing methods? Can herbs work as good or even better than prescribed medication?

On the topic of Anxiety Disorder specifically, is the leading medication marketed toward Anxiety sufferers effective in treating the condition? More importantly, how about it's effectiveness for cure the condition?

I know, I know... it has officially become taboo to even mention the C word when it comes to Anxiety unless were talking about 'Cope'.

The majority of the world has accepted their fate as Anxiety-sufferers for life due to that being the very "official" word in the medical community.

The amount of misinformation out in the public regarding Anxiety is astounding. You have to pick through it with a fine tooth comb to gather the right group of information that will lead to true healing.

Luckily, we dedicated our life to doing exactly that, so Anxiety sufferers don't have to continue 'coping' for a lifetime. 

The Benefits of Meds

Anxiety medications bring about fast results. You will likely feel calmer shortly after getting started and in feeling calmer, you may also experience less symptoms than you'd normally feel without the drugs. 

 Taking medication in general is very quick and easy. There's not much guess work involved and everything is laid out for you. All you have to do is take the pills every day. The idea of our illnesses going away from simply taking a pill is highly attractive but are drugs truly the answer?

First we have to look at what medication truly does for you, in relation to Anxiety disorder. 

Why Medicine Works

When you take Anxiety medicine, that little pill enters your body and immediately gets to work. The cocktail of chemicals quickly heads for your brain and start moving things around, effecting your brain chemistry. 

Boosting 'feel-good' hormones, the idea is to temporarily hi-jack your brain chemistry and force your brain to release chemicals that make you feel better. 

This sounds good, in theory. For most, results are almost immediate. They can "feel" something happening and all they know is... they feel better. With the horrible symptoms Anxiety can produce, even a little bit better, is a lot better than nothing. 

So what's the problem? Chances are the early results won't last and they may come with some baggage.

The Problem With Meds

As well-meaning as prescription medication may be, it's a toxic substance entering an organic body. Medicine may provide some results but being formulated in a laboratory, rather than in nature, it doesn't assimilate with our bodies. Our bodies simply cannot fully understand what it's taking in. 

It's no wonder there are typically a lot of side effects associated with medication. Turning 'this' off, turning 'that' on, boosting 'this', and suppressing 'that' in attempt to create a better internal 'feeling' create other issues along the way. 

Anxiety pills are highly acidic and may cause more harm than good, especially in the long-term. Our bodies are already bombarded with mostly acidic foods in the standard American diet and adding an extra daily dosage of toxic pills may not be the best choice. 

Natural Herbs, The Original Medicine?

Before prescription pills came into play, humans used herbs as their medicine. Somewhere along the line, things drastically changed.

We would assume the medical industry came along and with the help of scientists were able to create chemical compounds that exceeded the healing power of anything nature had to offer. 

Omitting any speculations on why 99.9% of healthcare professionals would recommend pills over herbs, the best we can do is take a more common sense approach to our health. 

The human body is powerful. It heals itself. We've all witnessed this with cuts and scratches. What's different with Anxiety disorder?

It simply requires more work than it does with a cut or scratch. 

The problem: our habits of thinking and eating create a toxic environment in the body that weakens the immune system, making that level of healing extremely difficult to achieve. 

This is a problem medicine simply cannot solve. A toxicity issue can't be successfully treated with toxicity. So while medicine can provide quick relief, it's impractical in terms of long-term healing.

Truly natural foods and herbs assimilate with the human body. Our bodies are composed of minerals that we must get from the foods we consume in order to maintain great health.

Minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, zinc, potassium, selenium and the list goes on with over 100 minerals the human body needs. Lacking in just one of these essential minerals can create the perfect condition for anxiety to manifest. 

Mixing that in with the average person's habits of thinking, it's easy to see how Anxiety can thrive in the human body and get increasingly worse if gone untreated.

Our Original Anxiety-Free Tea contains 7 all-natural herbs. None of the herbs in our blend our hybrid or acidic. We source the highest quality herbs available and always choose organic. 

The seven natural herbs in our tea work together to create a healthy, alkaline environment in the body to promote healing.