Do you HAVE to drink our tea FOREVER?

We get asked this alot: will I have to drink this tea forever? 


Whenever I see this question, I picture the CEO of a major pharma company rubbing his hands together saying, "yes of course! That is if you want to keep the Anxiety away forever!! 😈"


The answer to this question is a bit more complex than "yes or no". Both of those simple answers goes against our integrity. Let's quickly examine both answers.


YES. If I were to say yes you WILL need to drink our tea for the rest of your life, it would be a selfish lie! We'd be no different than the standard pharma company. The fact is, we don't hide our ingredients behind a "proprietary blend" label. And they're not patented chemicals inaccessible to you unless it's through the purchase of our product.


For example, the main ingredient in Lexapro? Escitalopram Oxalate. Now tell me where you and I can go to get this chemical? Well, nowhere except from the creators of Lexapro. If you got your hands on some escitalopram oxalate and wanted to create the complete blend, you'd then have to go find some croscarmellose sodium


How about some of the ingredients in our Anxiety-Free Tea? Blue Vervain? Burdock? Haha, you can find those growing in abundance right outside if you know where to look. Don't get me started on Dandelion... the most disrespected medicinal plant growing in abundance in nature. "They" have successfully implanted the idea that dandelion is simply a bothersome weed that needs to be eliminated with Round-Up! 


So in reality, you don't HAVE to drink our tea for the rest of your life... but once you get fully invested into a holistic lifestyle that includes the consumption of herbs, you'll understand why it's nearly impossible to ever "go back". Most people have no idea how amazing they're supposed to feel, and after herbs become a part of their lifestyle and they witness the magic in their own health, they usually never go back to the chemicals again.


NO. If I were to say NO you don't have to drink our tea for the rest of your life WITHOUT further clarification, it would be just as much of a lie! It would give off the impression that our tea is some kind of magic pill that zaps the Anxiety away for good. And that if you just drink our tea for a while, the Anxiety will melt away and you can get back to your regularly scheduled programming 👍😃


Nope, it's just not that simple. I think the root of this question suggests the person asking it doesn't yet understand how natural healing works, and that's ok! Let me explain it as quick and clear as I can!


The reason our Anxiety-Free Tea works in the first place is because it contains 7 ancient all-natural herbs that are:

1. Highly alkaline

2. High in minerals


Most people suffering with Anxiety live a highly acidic lifestyle, rarely consume anything alkaline and are typically deficient in a number of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium, for starters. The Anxiety-Free Tea can correct this imbalance in minerals and alkalinity because the herbs are highly electric and completely assimilate with the body. 


The food that goes into most people's mouth 3 times a day are void of alkalinity and minerals and sometimes actually rob the body of the little minerals it DOES have. Alkaline herbs are the perfect way to address this problem because of how powerful they are in alkalizing the body and providing the minerals it needs in abundance.


Let's imagine you drink the tea for a few months and every single Anxiety symptom is gone! You feel completely normal again! Say you not only stop drinking OUR Anxiety-Free Tea but stop consuming alkaline herbs altogether! You then start drinking more alcohol, eating out more, and eventually ignoring the fact that you learned alkalinity and minerals were the key to homeostasis. 


Will the Anxiety come back? More than likely, yes! That's because you spent some time showing every cell of your body tender loving care with the herbs you were consuming and then BAM, you just stopped and starved the body of the nutrition it was enjoying and using to thrive!


So my standard answer to this question of, "will I have to drink this tea forever" is THIS:


The herbs in our Anxiety-Free Tea blend are completely safe for long-term use and will provide you with a lot of health benefits overall. We recommend drinking the Anxiety-Free Tea twice a day until symptoms have been non-existent for at least a month. At that point, we recommend either drinking the tea a couple times a week for maintenance/prevention OR if for some reason you want to stop drinking the tea, you would need to start consuming a lot more Alkaline foods to maintain the body's proper alkalinity and mineral balance.


It's important to start focusing on eating more alkaline food ANYWAY but if you were to ever stop consuming alkaline herbs such as the ones in our Anxiety-Free Tea, it would be very unwise to NOT start eating at least an 80/20 Alkaline balanced diet. Once you understand the "mystery" behind Anxiety, then you'd know that once you stop consuming the herbs, you stop providing your body with the alkalinity and minerals it NEEDS and if you don't compensate for that loss through your diet... let's just say don't get mad when the Anxiety comes back.


Don't try to cheat by thinking you're clear if you drink a bunch of Alkaline water. That stuff is processed. We don't only recommend avoiding processed food, but we recommend avoiding processed water, too! There's a reason some people experience side effects after drinking alkaline water. Side effects after drinking water? Yeah, Alkaline water isn't the answer. 


Alkaline foods and herbs? Now that's the answer. We teach it all in the Mindset & Nutrition course and will continue teaching more and more on as many platforms as we can because we know that knowledge is power and we want you guys to KNOW why this natural healing approach works so you can assume complete confidence and assurance that you are on the right path!


For everyone that chooses to stick with us as their all-natural, organic, ALKALINE herbal source, we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts and will continue striving to help in many more ways than just being a tea company. 


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